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In the Grow - Reading Leaves: What are your house plants telling you?

In the Grow - Reading Leaves: What are your house plants telling you?

February 16, 2021

Stuck inside? Tired of this snowmageddon? Maybe try distracting your mind by paying attention to your house plants! Join me, Rachel Boyd, and Dr. Vikram Baliga (TTU Horticulture Lab Coordinator and Planthropology host) as we talk about an array of issues and tactics that apply to indoor plant care. Stay warm and please be safe! Take all necessary precautions and do not underestimate this winter weather we are experiencing. Sending love and plant-enthusiasm to you all!


Leaf Guide:

  • Leaf burn, scorched tips, brown or black tips - can point to a number of issues including watering issues, nutrient deficiency, cold damage, sun damage. Consider your current steps for managing your plant and address from there (i.e. do I water this plant every day vs do I water this plant every 3 weeks?)
  • Yellowing - nitrogen deficiency, temperature, or not enough light
  • Interveinal Chlorosis - This is when the veins in your leaves remain green but the fleshy part of the leaf yellows... this most likely means you have an iron deficiency or some other micro-nutrient deficiency such as zinc or manganese.
  • Drooping - watering issues... this can mean over-watering as well, not just underwatering. YOU CAN WATERLOG your plant, so be attentive to your watering habits and let your plants breathe. 
  • Pruning - Do not be afraid to prune your indoor plants! They don't have normal environmental factors that would help them naturally prune and shed in the wild. If you see dead leaves or dying material on your plant, remove it immediately! It will not only look better, but your plant will be happier. :) 
  • Check your roots - Are they poking out of the bottom trying to escape? Are they wrapped around themselves circuitously? These are signs that your plant needs more room and is ready to be repotted! Many box stores habitually under-pot plants, so if you've recently bought a plant, check its roots and make sure it has enough space to grow and flourish. 
In the Grow - Conversation on Compost

In the Grow - Conversation on Compost

February 3, 2021

Join me, Rachel Boyd and resident plant expert, Dr. Vikram Baliga (Planthropology) as we have a conversation about that wonderful, rich thing we call compost!  


Compost Tips mentioned:

  • Nitrogen to Carbon Ratio (3:4 Green and brown organic materials)
  • Diversify your compost contents
  • CHOP! CHOP! Chop things into small pieces (increased surface area means better decomposition!)
  • Keep it TURNT! Turn your compost regularly 
  • Use compost sparingly or dilute it - IT IS STRONG STUFF!